Looking for a creative way to express yourself or just want to have a fun, out-of-the-box photo shoot that captures who you are while telling your story?

Includes one person, two outfits and one hour of shooting at one location.

Each added outfit increases rate $25, location or hour increases the price at a rate of $50.

There is a $50 deposit is required to guarantee booking. (Deposit is counted towards base price)

For additional people per shoot (i.e. family shoots), there is a $25 charge per shoot.

  • 20+ High Res images; 2-4 fully edited images provided and selected by photographer
  • All images will be edited to sharpen and enhance image quality following the session.
  • Images will be provided to clients via email in personal Dropbox links for shoots.
  • Images are able to be used on photographer’s website for promotional purposes unless other discussed with client.

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