Hey, I'm Alan.

I am an architect by profession and a hobbyist turned professional photographer who has just fallen in love with capturing moments and telling stories through photos. Beginning with a cellular phone, I leaned towards capturing the beauty of buildings, focusing on their details before graduating to a DSLR in early 2017. Fast forward to today, I have upgraded to premium equipment and have photographed weddings, maternity, graduation photos, prom send-offs as well as other creative dance/portrait shoots. On a day to day basis you can find me around Chicago shooting a variety of street photography.

My passion for my photography is to showcase Chicago for its beauty, the vast amount of creativity it possesses, its diversity along with keeping people aware of the side that struggles on a daily basis in need of a voice.


Book: Chicago, Second To None

A book showcasing all 77 neighborhoods of the city in photographs to tell a story of who we are.

Personal: Young Creatives

A collection of photographs showcasing the creative talents and gifts of Chicago’s Millennials from dance to skateboarding or graffiti art to musical artists in order for the world to see all of the positivity coming out of this city.

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